Review Policy

The blog is currently closed to submissions. This means I am not accepting any books for review.

When/if the blog reopens I will announce it on the Magic Realism Books Facebook group. The Group is here  So please join the group, if you want to be included. I am sure it will be of use to you in all sorts of ways. For books from Publishing Houses, please see below. I do offer the opportunity to all magic realist authors to submit an interview for the blog and this is still open. See the interviews page for more info.

The Readership
The blog has a readership of magic realist readers. It gets 7000+ page reviews a month. The readership is world-wide, over 58% from the US, 12.5% from the UK 18.7% from the rest of Europe and the remainder from a range of other countries

Magic Realism Only
I only review magic realism books on this blog. Please read the definition (one the left) and the post on What is Magic Realism. Also take time to explore what books have been reviewed in the past. You will find there is quite a variety, but they all share the following characteristic - they are realistic with an element of fantasy/magic. So not normal fantasy and not normal realism. If I read a book which is not magic realism I am most unlikely to review it. 

Honest Reviews
Most of the books on this site have been bought by me. If a book has been received as a gift from the author, publisher or publicist, this is indicated in the review. All reviews are my own opinions and the donation of a book does not in anyway influence the review.

Books from Publishing Houses
I am able to receive books via Netgalley and Edelweiss. I regularly check their listings, however it is not always possible to see that a book is magic realism. If you feel I have missed your book or if you want to attract my attention, or you do not list on the two sites, please email me on zoe (dot) brooks (at), with the words "Review Request" in the subject line. If  I accept your book for review, please be aware there is a waiting list, so if you have a particular deadline for the review, please let me know and I will try and accommodate you. If possible please give me four months' notice.

Books by Indie Writers
I will consider books from independent authors as well as traditionally published ones. If you are self-published, please do not approach me for a review until your book has been published. However I only review one self-published book a month and so am booked up months in advance. At the moment I am prioritizing books I receive via Netgalley or Edelweiss or by members of the Magic Realism Books Facebook Group. The Group is here  In order to catch up the blog is currently closed to submissions. I will announce when I am accepting reviews on the Facebook group's page. So please join the group. I am sure it will be of use to you in all sorts of ways.

I am currently not accepting any books for review. If you have a magic realism book which you wish to have reviewed, please email me on zoe (dot) brooks (at), with the words "Review Request" in the subject line. Please indicate why your book is a magic realism book. Too often people waste their time emailing me asking me to review books without answering this question or by offering me a book which doesn't seem to me to be magic realism. So take the time to read a few of my reviews, especially of books similar to yours, before submitting.

I have a kindle and so can read books in pdf or mobi formats, as well as printed books. Please note that I live in the UK, which makes gifts of kindle books via Amazon from outside the UK problematic. Please do not send me books without contacting me first.

Please be aware if I do not like a book, I will not finish it nor will I put up a review. This is also the case if it is not magic realism.

Review locations
In addition to this site I also put reviews up on Goodreads usually a few months after the review is published here. I can also put up reviews on Shelfari and Librarything if requested.

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