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As part of the Magic Realism Bloghop 2014 I have decided I would share with you some of the resources I have found over my two years of blogging. As is always the case this list will not be complete and I welcome feedback about any resources that I have missed. 

Social Media
Magic Realism Books Facebook Group
I will start with the group which I set up and administer. The group's membership is currently nudging 200 magic realism fans. The group is active - sharing information, reviews and suggestions. The group is open, but you have to apply for membership. 

There is also a magic realism writers group. 

Literary Imaginations
Is a closed group with currently 49 members. It is not exclusively about magic realism but MR features regularly.

Goodreads Magic Realism Group
Not as active as it might be, but it occasionally features some interesting discussions. 

There is also a Latin American Literature and Magic Realism group.

Magic Realism Paper Li

This is my weekly collection of magic realism links from the web and social media. It is inevitably hit and miss, as it picks up tweets which mention magic realism, etc. with the result you get some links about magic realism in contexts other than fiction. If you want your link to go in, the best way to ensure this is to use #magicrealism hashtag in a tweet. You can subscribe to the feed by email.
Lists of Magic Realist Books
You can start by checking out the list on this blog, which features over 200 books which are in my collection and has links to those books I have reviewed on the blog:

Other lists:
Margin's reading list is an excellent place to start compiling your own list (I did)
A good list, even if the Shelfari Group it features in seems inactive.

There are several lists on Goodreads. But as they are voted on, the choice can be idiosyncratic (ie some books which aren't magic realism). 

Blogs & Websites  
Magic Realism Books Blog
Obviously there is the blog you are currently reading, which as far as I know is the only blog which  posts reviews of magic realism on a weekly basis. Please sign up for email updates.

Alas this lovely online magazine is no longer publishing, but some of the articles, reviews and MR pieces are still available to read, together with some really useful reference material including one of the best "definitions" on the web. 

A Cappella Zoo
A web and print magazine of magic realism and slipstream. You can view copies of the magazine from previous issues online.

But the list doesn't end there. This bloghop is all about blogs which feature magic realism, to a greater or lesser degree. Click on the links below to visit. 


Anonymous said...

Great list of resources! Thanks!

Yvonne Hertzberger said...

Yes, it's a wonderful list. Thanks.

Teagan Kearney said...

Brilliant list! Thanks so much for sharing - this will keep me going for quite a while! said...

Wow! What a galaxy of resources you've shared here, Zoe. Thank you!